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Sunday, July 31, 2011

My Two Cents

Diego was joking around the other day that I always like to put my two cents into every situation. So it gave me an idea for a blog. Thought I'd share my two cents on a few random musings for the blog world...since I know all of you care as much as Diego does for my opinion.

- Debt crisis: I really am no expert on what is going on with this because frankly I just find it all frustrating and frightening. (If you want a more knowledgeable opinion, I suggest you read someone's blog who is much more educated on the subject such as my sister-in-law.) What I do know is I'm exhausted with how bipartisan everything is now. At this point I don't even care what the outcome is...I just want both sides to remember what it means to compromise. Come on guys, this is something you learn in elementary school. Listening to this back and forth sounds as immature as my kids' arguments at recess. Can we all be adults please?
note: Just saw that they may have reached an agreement...hallejujah...but still my point extends to the government beyond this issue.

- Pinterest is a fantasically fabulous way for me to be productive waste even more time on the computer.

- I'm kind of over Lady Gaga's constant extreme weirdness but her songs are just so fun.

- I think the latest dance craze, the Shuffle, is just a less structured running man. Come on kids, we were doing that move 20 years ago :)

- Wait, hold the phone! Amy Winehouse died of a drug overdose?!?! (This is when I need a sarcasm font.)

- I can't decide who Ashley should pick...I really like JP but not sure I want him with her. Is that mean? And on that subject, I'm still very annoyed with the producers of the show who let Bentley parade around being his jerky self without giving Ashley the heads up.

- So its hot outside. No surprise there to anyone in Texas. Here's the thing, I know August is always the hottest but it didn't dawn on me until I saw the high temperatures expected for this week of 108 to 110 that it would actually get hotter than the 105 that we have been having. I just thought the unusually extreme hot June and July would just extend into August rather than it actually getting worse.

Tune in next time for more of my 2 cents. I'm sure you found it riveting. Maybe I should rename my blog that?


Adam said...

I think it should be called my 5 cents, because you usually dont stop at just 2 cents worth.

devi said...
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devi said...

very interesting blog