"You are meant to grace the world with your dance, to follow the lead of Jesus wherever he leads you." - Captivating

Aside from Jesus, "...traveling is the great true love of my life...I am loyal and constant in my love for travel...I just don't care what it puts me through. Because I adore it. Because its mine. Because it looks like me." - Eat.Pray.Love.

Here you will find my travels, not just physical travels but emotional and spiritual as well...journeys to different places in the world and journeys of the heart. And, of course, fun and silliness too :)

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Grace in Small Things -- Day 89

Sorry for the absence from my blog again (I'm sure you all were devastated). I went to New Mexico this week with my boyfriend to visit his family since we had an unexpected vacation from school and I did not have internet access.

We had a wonderful trip! Pictures to come soon.

Here's my days of grace for our week in New Mexico.

1. Road trip time with my guy (which means lots of fun chat time)
2. Yummy homecooking from his mom and experiencing good New Mexican food (still love Tex-Mex but its growing on me)
3. A day of fun with his cousin's awesome kids. I wanted to bring one home with me. A-dorable.
4. Beautiful scenery -- love the blue mountains
5. Time with his sweet family