"You are meant to grace the world with your dance, to follow the lead of Jesus wherever he leads you." - Captivating

Aside from Jesus, "...traveling is the great true love of my life...I am loyal and constant in my love for travel...I just don't care what it puts me through. Because I adore it. Because its mine. Because it looks like me." - Eat.Pray.Love.

Here you will find my travels, not just physical travels but emotional and spiritual as well...journeys to different places in the world and journeys of the heart. And, of course, fun and silliness too :)

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Grace in Small Things -- Day 33

1. Getting to see old Altamesa friends who I really only get to keep up with on blogs
2. Good night texts
3. Random bowling excursion
4. Sundays at Starbucks
5. Kids macaroni and cheese meal at McKinley's


Carrie Leigh Jakus said...

#5 is maybe one of our best discoveries ever (except not as cool when they give you a sprinkle cookie with CLEAR sprinkles - we will have to make sure next time they know how it's supposed to be done)