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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Cowboy, Take Me Away

I think I've talked on here multiple times about how much I LOVE all things rodeo. We went to the rodeo every year with my family when I was growing up. In college, I started going with friends each year and forcing them to enjoy the rodeo experience as much as I do. Since most of you see my pictures on facebook, I'm trying to do other things on my blog more often than just posting pictures. Here's a list of my favorite rodeo things and then a few pictures from over the years at the rodeo.

-Fun houses on the Midway
-Corny dogs
-Bull riding
-Exhibition Hall -- all the fun booths to browse
-Barrel racing
-Cute cowboys
-Wearing my cute cowboy boots
-the Grand Entry
-the announcer
-Feels like Fort Worth

I LOVED this pink bandana and I had boots to match!

Could we be any cooler??

Yeah, that's right...tuck your jeans into your sweet red boots. And those high waisted jeans...you may have seen Jessica Simpson bringing them back recently. I was WAY ahead of her.

This wasn't at the rodeo but it was on a horse.

Rodeo 07 -- Me, Carrie, Jennifer, Lauren, and Alison

Rodeo 08 -- Jennifer, Carrie, Me, Erin, Batey

Rodeo 09 -- Me, Danny, Carrie, Blythe, Cody, Lauren, Sam, and Adam


dc said...

You're adorable. YEAH cowboy boots! Girl after my own heart. :)

Lauren Thompsinario said...

i LOVE rodeos too! Especially bull riding. Actually Tim and I are probably going to a PBR event to V-day! If you want to go to a crazy rodeo you should come up here in August to go to the McAllister Prison Rodeo...Google it you'll want to come!

Adam said...

Looks like the midway kinda went downhill in '09.