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Monday, November 10, 2008

Tales of a 4th Grade Nothing -- Part 1

Does anyone remember that children's book?? Anyway...I ran across an old "journal" of mine at my mom's house the other day from 4th grade. I'm not sure if this will be interesting to anyone else or not but I thought it was hilarious so I thought I'd share an entry from it...I might share more from time to time. (I'm keeping all the spelling and grammar the same as it was written.)

March 16, 1994
Boy has it been a hectic few monthes I haven't even had any time to write in you. Well let's see in Dec. Linda, Ted, Jill, and Brent came out for Christmas. I got new rollerblades, DreamPhone, my ears pierced, (and I already got 8 pairs of earrings!), a caboodle, Saved by the Bell game, and Baby-Sitters Club Mystery game, and much more. My mom also told me that Santa Claus isn't real. In Jan. we went to Texarkana for New Year's it was a lot of fun. Ellen, Marty, Emily, and Holly also went to Texarkana. We did lots of fireworks out there like sparklers, black cats, roman candles. Uncle Andy lit a whole lot of sparklers at once. Later we found out that he had to (continued on back) have part of his thumb cut off cause he burned it. In February we had Adam's B-day he got his room rearranged and cable for our T.V. and so on. Ah finally we get to March (spring break) well Adam got to go to Washington D.C. for spring break with some other 6th graders, and I well I get to clean out the garage. I also got to have Sarah and Jennifer over to see "My Girl 2" and spend the night with me at the same time. Well bye for now! Oh, and by the way school is fantastic we went to the symphony.

P.S. I also made Mom and Dad a secret Easter basket with lots of candy. For Easter.


Brent said...

Whatever you do, please stay away from crazy Uncle Andy. It doesn't sound like he's playing with a full deck.
To many gems here to comment on each. I love that you have these in your archives.
BTW, congrats on the CRV!!! Do you love it??? The new ones are the BEST!

Brent said...

TOO many gems that is...

dc said...

Oh. My. Gosh. So funny. I would just like to note a few things that I particularly enjoyed:
1. Mom telling you that Santa isn't real is an afterthought. It appears that you were onto that already.
2. Adam has super boring birthdays. HOWEVER, he gets to go to DC while you clean out the garage. UNFAIR!

Lauren said...

Hey ashley it is Lauren G! When my parents moved I found a box of my journals too and sat around for hours reading them...it is quite amusing. I can't wait to read some more entries! Hope all is well!

Zakaryans said...

Oh Ashley... this reminds me so much of my own journals from that time. I have a REALLY hard time reading them because I get so embarrassed for myself. Isn't that funny, even after all this time. Thank you for sharing, I enjoyed!!! :) -KZ