"You are meant to grace the world with your dance, to follow the lead of Jesus wherever he leads you." - Captivating

Aside from Jesus, "...traveling is the great true love of my life...I am loyal and constant in my love for travel...I just don't care what it puts me through. Because I adore it. Because its mine. Because it looks like me." - Eat.Pray.Love.

Here you will find my travels, not just physical travels but emotional and spiritual as well...journeys to different places in the world and journeys of the heart. And, of course, fun and silliness too :)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

7 Random Things

*I was tagged by Kristen* This was hard to come up with things I haven't already shared in my blog but here you go...

1. I'm currently going through the car buying process for the first time on my own. Can we say stressful?? But luckily, I have some great friends who are walking me through it.

2. Deciding to teach at my school was one of the best decisions I've ever made.

3. I am enjoying cooking more and more.

4. I am currently obsessed with the bands Sugarland and Lady Antebellum.

5. I love being the planner or host of social events.

6. I have more guy friends than girl friends.

7. I am fascinated by small town life.

*I tag Dani, Kim and/or Brent.*

Friday, October 24, 2008

Genesis 1:27

We are doing a study at church right now called Image is Everything. It is about the roles God has given to men and women. The study has sparked many conversations between my friends about what our relationships should look like. As my friend Stephen said, "My take, halfway through, is that we (men and women) don’t know much about each other." I think our generation is especially confused on guy/girl interactions whether thats in dating relationships or in just friendships. When I call my mom I literally tell her that I need to update her on the soap opera that is my life with all the confusing relationships amongst my group of friends. I'm so excited these conversations are happening between my girlfriends and my guyfriends but it can all be a little exhausting to sort it all out. I feel like I spend so much time trying to figure out what my place is, what my expectations should be and what guys are supposed to be doing. Like I said, I'm thankful these conversations are happening and I think they definitely need to be happening. However, it hit me the other day--if I spent half the time that I spend focusing on my human relationships, on my relationship with God I would be in a much better place. It is so easy to focus on those relationships because they are tangible. I'm realizing though if I was constantly seeking the Lord, in not only improving my relationship with Him, but going to Him for guidance with these relationships more often, then I would probably not feel so overwhelmed and frustrated by it all.

Lord, I pray that I will remember that my relationship with you is the most important part of my life and I pray that I will constantly strive to seek you more and find ways to cultivate and strengthen our relationship. I also pray that you will reveal to me more and more each day what my role as a woman is as I try to bear Your image and let me be flexible and open as you mold me into that woman. I pray that you will give me guidance in my relationships with men and women. I pray that you will show me what my expectations should be for the men in my life and how I can encourage them to be Godly men. I pray that I will be an example for other women and open my eyes to learn from other Godly women. Thank you for creating men and women so uniquely in a way that complements each other and to exhibit different characteristics of You. I pray that we will step up to fill our roles that you have created for us. In Jesus name, Amen.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Eggs Over Easy

One of my favorite things to do is go out to eat for breakfast or brunch on the weekends. Its not necessarily good for the wallet or waistline but its a fun treat to do every once in a while. So I decided to write up my favorite breakfast places.

-Paris Coffee Shop -- I think this might be my favorite breakfast place, if nothing else for the sentimental value it holds for me with memories of going there as a child with my family, especially my grandad. Although I think the food is very tasty too. This is a classic Fort Worth place...it just oozes with Fort Worth charm. Don't let the line stop you from eating there...it goes fast and is worth it. The food is basic breakfast fare...My favorite is the breakfast sampler.

-Ol'South -- My favorite place to go for late night breakfast as well as a great morning breakfast place. I love watching the variety of people go in and out of here. The best thing about Ol'South to me are the waitresses, full of character and sass. Try the German pancakes or Dutch babies if you haven't, but I have to limit myself to those only about once a year.

-Old Neighborhood Grill -- My roommate and I disagree on the best breakfast in town; I say Paris, she says ONG. ONG is definitely in my top places though. Another classic Fort Worth place that makes you think you live in a small town where everybody knows everybody. Friendly people and yummy food...what's not to like?

-Blue Mesa Sunday brunch -- Due to the pricetag on this brunch this is a rare treat but definitely worth it. There is an enormous amount of food to choose from and its pretty much all delicious. The poinsettia drinks are another highlight for me.

-Esperanza's or Arizola's in Lake Worth -- Mexican food. Love. Breakfast food. Love. Mexican breakfast food. Fabulous!

-Dale's Donuts -- really anywhere with sprinkled donuts, this just happens to be the one closest to our apartment.

-Breadwinners -- I have to admit I've only been once for breakfast but it was amazing. Its only in Dallas and Plano but worth venturing over for. Their coffee is great too.

Where are your favorite breakfast places??