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Monday, October 29, 2007


I finally have at least one picture of some of my kids at school that I'd thought I'd share. This isn't my whole class...just the kids who participated in crazy hat day for drug awareness week. They are so funny! Hopefully I'll have time to share more crazy stories and pictures from them soon.


Zakaryans said...

Yeah, I love seeing Miss Nichols in her teaching glory!
Looks like the kids just thought it was "hat" day. Maybe you should devote all of next week to the vocab word, "crazy". I can fly out for a live demo if necessary.

Emily said...

I love how they all think that to make their hats "crazy" they turn them to the side. Thats so funny!

Alison said...

Ashley, your cowboy hat is craaaaaaazy.

karen b said...

go read my comment on adam's blog