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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Lessons from Miss Nichols

I am always saying things to my class that I immediately regret or question if that was really probably the best thing to say to 8 year olds. Like when I told them "Don't freak out"...they thought that was hilarious. Well, here are just a few scenarios where this kind of thing has happened over the last few weeks.

1. Just Say No
Me: Drugs are stupid.
My students: Ummmm...you said stupid.
Me: Well, I'm an adult and drugs are stupid...but you still can't say stupid.

2. Miss vs. Mrs.
My students: Why are you Miss Nichols and not Mrs. Nichols?
Me: I'm not married so I'm Miss...when you are married you become Mrs.
My students: What about Ms.?
Me: (I incorrectly told them that Ms. is also if you are not married...I don't know why I did, I know it can be for both).
My kids: Well what about Ms. Smith* next door?
Me: What about her?
My students: She's Ms. but she has a child.
Me: Yes she does.
My students: But she isn't married.
Me: Okay.
Sarah*: That's okay my mom isn't married.
Denise*: Miss Nichols, do you think you need to be married to have kids?
Me: (awkwardly) That is a personal choice and we are moving on!

3. Always carefully read a children's book before reading it to your class.
Me: (Reading the book Tar Beach to my class...which is an award winning children's book) My family was eating chicken and watermelon as my aunt put the beer on the table. (or it said something like that) (In my head: BEER?! Did that just say beer?!)
My students: Hahahaha...beer!?!
Me: Tea...I meant tea.
My students: (still laughing)
Me: Ok, ok. They are adults drinking it...please show me you are mature enough to handle this. (Maybe I'm expecting too much from 8 year olds??? Just maybe?)

Oh goodness! Crazy times in 3rd grade but I'm loving it!
*Names have been changed


Ryan said...

This is great stuff!

Wezie said...

Aren't they great? You can't slip anything past them!

Jennifer Meachem said...

thoroughly enjoyed this! too cute!

stacey4 said...

That was hilarious!!!!!

Emily said...

Haha! Yay! These stories are great. Keep 'em coming!

Alison said...

"please show me you are mature enough to handle this" ... baaa, i hadn't heard that story yet. love it.

Adam said...

Good cover with the tea, almost quick enough.

Kristen said...

HILARIOUS!! I remember those first teaching years, when you say something and you, think, I have just ruined these poor children!!! You will be great. So glad to find your blog!!
Kristen Ballard

Jacinda said...

I used to teach 2nd grade and can identify with this type of post-too funny!

I'll never forget the time I read a book where we were going to make a list of "fact" & "fantasy" things. I chose a book about SANTA CLAUS!

What was I thinking?!?! There were 1 or 2 "more mature" students who kept looking at me like, "Yeah, you really got yourself into this one didn't you?!!" Most of them chose to list Santa things as "fact" things. UGH! I wasn't about to touch that issue with a 10 foot pole. I didn't need some mama comin' up to the school mad at me b/c I burst their kid's bubble!