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Monday, May 14, 2007

MEd, check!

I graduated with my masters on Saturday...yay! Its so hard to believe my time at TCU is officially done...it has truly flown by. Here are some pictures from this weekend's festivities. But first, a quick update on my life: I will be teaching 3rd Grade Language Arts/Social Studies next year at Sagamore Hill Elementary in Fort Worth ISD. I am so excited about this and really feel the school is a great fit for me. And its colors are purple and white! Could it be any more perfect?! Also, I will be moving into a new apartment with one of my current roommates. We are moving to The Depot downtown. We are very excited!!

3/2 Celebration Dinner with our professors at Blue Mesa

3/2 Girls
Getting hooded during the School of Education hooding ceremony.

Our group after hooding with some professors.

My friends, Elizabeth & Molly, and me

Carrie (my roommate) and me

Me with one of my favorite professors and who I was a TA for

Mom and I at the Chop House.

Celebrating at the Chop House
Elizabeth, Ally, Molly, and me -- We've spent most every day together for the past few years!

Showing off our hoods on graduation day

Alison and me at our friends' graduation party at Joe T.'s


Wezie said...

Wow! How exciting for you! It's great that you get to concentrate on Lang Arts/Social studies - Our school has one teacher for all subjects in 3rd grade. I think the kids benefit more when they have teachers who "specialize" in each subject. Good luck!

karen b said...

congrats, ashley!!

Alison said...

yay, a new post! i'm HONORED to be pictured as part of the weekend's festivities.

SubBlogger said...

We are proud of you as always!