"You are meant to grace the world with your dance, to follow the lead of Jesus wherever he leads you." - Captivating

Aside from Jesus, "...traveling is the great true love of my life...I am loyal and constant in my love for travel...I just don't care what it puts me through. Because I adore it. Because its mine. Because it looks like me." - Eat.Pray.Love.

Here you will find my travels, not just physical travels but emotional and spiritual as well...journeys to different places in the world and journeys of the heart. And, of course, fun and silliness too :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Where I'm From

I wrote this poem for a class assignment. I am by no means a poet, and its extremely cheesy but I thought I might as well put it up here because I never have anything better to post.

Where I’m From…

I am from Cowtown, proud Texans.

I am from liberals and conservatives. I am from a long line of strong women on both sides, which may explain my stubborn streak.

I am from a happy childhood, but eventually a broken home.

I am from tigers, cardinals, panthers, and horned frogs – “Riff Ram Bah Zoo.”

I am from Colorado Summers on the alpine slide and white water rafting.

I am from holidays filled with love and the smell of dyed Easter eggs and Mom’s cooking.

I am from Granddad Pappas, Eleanor (who I never got to know), Honey and Plain Old Granddad with his “Crusin’ for a brusin',” ironically from the most kind-hearted man I’ve ever known.

I am from family prayers at night – “Thank you God for the trees, grass, flowers and roses.”

I am from a closet full of photo albums of memories.
I am from leotards and clog shoes.

I am from dress-up clothes, Barbie houses, slumber parties, and shaving cream fights.

I am from “Who shot J.R.?” and many hours of Grease marathons.

I am from Greece, England, and Lithuania.

I am from Limited Too sweatshirts and crimped side ponytails.

I am from AdAsh and bunk beds.

I am from so many things that make me…me.