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Here you will find my travels, not just physical travels but emotional and spiritual as well...journeys to different places in the world and journeys of the heart. And, of course, fun and silliness too :)

Sunday, December 17, 2006

3rd Annual Tacky Christmas Sweater Party

I know I pretty much only post pictures now...I've been trying to think of something creative to write but that hasn't been very successful. So here are some pictures from our party.

My roommates (Me, Jennifer, Lauren, & Carrie) in the traditional awkward Family Christmas photo.
Another one of the roommates so that you can better see our fabulous outfits.
Party Picture -- Kirk on the counter is using the Indoor Smore Maker...genius!

My Small Group in their tackiest.

Ryan and Blaine...not exactly sure what is going on.

Last year's roommates -- Me, Jennifer, & Alison (minus Lauren)

Carrie and I showing off some of our finest decorations.


Emily said...

I love the printed turtleneck!! No tacky sweater would be complete without it!