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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

So many things to do, so little time

I made this list for something else and figured I'd post it on my blog too. I also can't think of anything to blog about because nothing exciting is going on in my life at the moment. Graduate school just isn't that thrilling!

LIFE TO DO LIST (in random order):

1. Go to the Olympics
2. Learn another language fluently
3. Go to Greece (especially Santorini and preferably on my honeymoon)
4. Be an extra in a movie
5. Learn to play the drums
6. Watch AFI’s 100 best films of all time
7. Take a gondola ride in Venice
8. Visit all the continents (except Antarctica)
9. Try surfing
10. Take a gourmet cooking class
11. Become a good wife/mother/teacher
12. Road trip across America stopping at the random sites
13. Go Parasailing (probably the closest I could come to skydiving or bungee jumping)
14. Take a photography class
15. Own a beach house
16. Grow in my walk with God everyday

I'm sure there are plenty more...

What would be on your to do list?


Emily said...

Oh my goodness! AFI's Top 100 is on my list too! I actually have it printed out and the ones I've seen highlighted. Unfortunately, some of them are silent films and things from the 1920s that I don't even know how to begin to find.....

stacey4 said...

We have a lot of common goals! I would love to take a gourmet cooking class, travel to a lot of those same places, be an extra in a movie would be a blast. Great list!

Lindsey said...

I could've written that one myself. Except for the surfing. The ocean scares me. OK so ash, are you alive? If the answer is yes, why have I lived in this part of the world for a month now, and NOT seen YOOOOOUUUU! I mean seriously, life shouldn't be this way.

Lindsey said...

p.s. get myspace

Lindsey said...

p.s.s. everyone's doing it