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Thursday, May 04, 2006


So I'm graduating in like a week. I'm the type of person who would be super sad about change like this but so far I've been okay with it. I think I have this false sense of security that nothing is changing because I will still be in school another year for grad. school. I know I'm still going to be at TCU next year but I'm sure I don't fully comprehend yet how different it is probably going to be. I forget that many of my friends won't be here next year with me (although many will too). Even the ones who I am fully aware won't be here next year, I just don't think it has hit me yet. I guess it won't hit me until they are hundreds or thousands of miles away. I forget that I probably need to say some good-byes because there are so many people that who knows when I will see them again....I guess at reunions? My four years at TCU have seriously flown by. As many of you know, I always knew I was going to be a Horned Frog. My AIM screenname has been Frog2006 since I was like 12 (yes I was that cool) and now I can't believe it is 2006. TCU has been the perfect place for me though, I don't think I could have asked for a better college experience. I'm going to go ahead and stop now though before I get too cheesy...no promises though that I won't soon be writing a cheesy ode to TCU blog once this graduation thing has officially hit me.

And just for fun...here's a picture of my precious 2nd graders. I miss them!


Emily said...

I never got too sad when I graduated. It is just another stage of life that you move through and not being devestated just shows that you are prepared for the next step. Congratulations!! :)

Joanie said...

WOW, Ash - it has been a fast 4 years. I'm so happy for ya!

tgre6m13kvtu said...
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SubBlogger said...

We're proud of you! M.C.