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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Budapest: Part 2

We have now been here a week and a half and Budapest and our little hotel has really begun to feel like home. Not that I don't miss Fort Worth and wouldn't give anything for some chips and queso right now. The food isn't bad here...just really different and heavy...a lot of paprika and cabbage. Last week we finished up the majority of our sightseeing. One of the most interesting places we went to was the House of Terror...it used to house the secret police for the Nazis and then the communists and where thousands were tortured and killed. It is a now museum about life under the nazi and communist regime. An extremely interesting museum. We also went took a tour of Parliament...an amazing building and of the State Opera House. Bass Hall is designed after the interior of this opera house. We went to Statue Park (where they took all the communist statues after the fall in 1989), Margerit Island, Hungarian National Museum, St. Stephen's Basilica, and of course have done some shopping. We also went ice skating tonight and I didn't fall at all! It has snowed here the past couple of days...gorgeous!!

We started teaching this week and they really threw us right in...nevermind that the children don't necessarily speak English. On my 3rd day today, I taught 3 of my 4 classes all by myself with no teacher in the room...again not all the children speak English. It is so fun when you are standing at the front of the room and the children start speaking to each other in Hungarian and then laughing. All in all though I am loving my experience. The children are great and the school is completely different than American schools. I'll explain more about the differences in another post later since this one is getting kind of long.

Here are some more pics for you. Miss you!

"I'm just going to awkwardly hold this doll here."

Molly and I impersonating the Kossuth statue...I'm sure the Hungarians love us mimicking one of their important leaders of the past.

Molly and I in front of Parliament--doesn't it look like we pasted it in the background.

Me, Molly and Mark and the Chain Bridge

Molly, Mark, Doug, and Me in front of an old car at Statue Park...we made friends with this nice dentist in the army stationed in Germany who took this picture for us...he said it was the "perfect picture"...really?

St. Stephen's Basilica (and me)...another beautiful building.


karen b said...

looks like you're having a great time! thanks for posting the pics!

Joanie said...

The pictures are wonderful. I know your connection there is slow, so I'm learning to live without pictures from you - but glad it is going well. I miss you! I cannot wait for you to get home and tell us stories. Soak up everything you can! Love ya!