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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

O Who?!?

17-10 baby!! Ok so I had to brag and rub it in at least a little bit! GO FROGS!!!


Jennifer Meachem said...

ya'll kicked our bu..s!

Joanie said...

TCU beating OU may be the highlight of my sports season! I laughed so hard when I heard the score!!!!!!! I just wish Wade was still around so we could keep reminding him of it!

sarajones4821 said...

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Emily said...

And then we lost to SMU. :(

But then we won to Utah! :)

Were you at the Utah game? I almost called you, but then I didn't.

Stuben said...

You lost to SMU, who might I add got whooped by The University of Texas A&M 66-8! Your season is meaningless when you lose to SMU!

Ashley N said...

I know I know..we lost to SMU...it was horrible. But all I still have to say is...at least we beat OU! Yes, Emily I was at the Utah game...should've called!! :)