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Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Per Trey's request I am updating my blog...however I honestly have no idea what to write about. You probably won't be seeing much of me for the next couple of weeks because sorority rush starts on Sunday...or work week to get ready for rush starts on Sunday. Not that not having an update on my blog for two weeks will be anything different than normal. Rush is an interesting process. Trying to explain it to someone who has never experienced it from either side is impossible. You have to go through it to understand it. I have tried explaining it and people are like "What?? You clap and sing as girls walk in single file to your sorority house? you kneel in front of them to talk? they wear certain outfits? a bump line?" It sounds insane and parts of it are insane but the process works somehow (usually) in the end. I am not one of those girls who is obsessed by sorority life although I do enjoy it because some of my closest friends are there and we honestly do alot of good work for our philanthropy and other groups' philanthropies. Sororities are definitely more than the stereotypical Legally Blonde girls...although I of course love that movie. Anyway though didn't mean to turn this into a defense of sororities...like I said NOTHING to talk about...sorry. Hopefully after Rush is over I will be able to think of a more fun topic...or maybe even before Sunday so that I can leave you for two weeks with something brilliant...unlikely though.


SubBlogger said...

Alpha Chi Omega, UTA, Epsilon Lampda Chapter, 1969, oh yes! Picture a petite 125 lb M.C. with hat & cane, tap dancing and singing to incoming rushees. We were the 'friendly-all around girls' not the snotty girls. Great experience.

Trey Laminack said...

Thanks for the update. And don't forget another important part of Sorority initiation. "Now, you young female co-eds, it is the time where you each get to hook up with Trey."

Please no hazzing remarks.

Joanie said...

We talked about you at lunch today.

Wezie said...

I opted not to do the Sorority thing at NTSU (as it was called in the 80's). Instead, I became very active in dorm-life. I also enjoyed going to frat parties with the bottomless trash can punch.

I am so glad I visited your blog. You are a great gal! Have a wonderful school year! Enjoy it! Savor it! Be Ashey!

Alison "Roomie Doo" said...

Hi poopsy! I missed you the last 9 days! Let's stay in one night and cuddle! And let's rent "First Daughter"... I still haven't seen it (is that a crime!?!)
Lovey you Hallmark girl!