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Monday, August 29, 2005

Fall TV

I am such a big TV watcher. Now do I have the time to devote to all the TV shows that I am addicted to? Of course not. Do I still watch all of them? Yes. And somewhere in here I promise I manage to have a life. I always like the beginning of the fall season when all the cliffhangers get resolved...however as I am thinking about the TV shows that I am excited to see this fall the list is slimmer than usual. I don't think there are as many quality TV shows on now as there used to be. And my choice of tv shows now is more immature than when I was in high school. Suddenly in college I have become addicted to random teen dramas since so many of my roommates over the years have watched them. Here are the shows I am looking forward to:

Alias: His name's not Michael Vaughn!?!

Gilmore Girls: Lorelai asked Luke to marry her?!?

The OC: What will happen to Marissa?

One Tree Hill: Will Lucas and Brooke/ Lucas and Nathan work it out?

Desperate Housewives: So many questions!!

And I'm ready for a new season of America's Next Top Model and to see the winner of The Cut!
And as if I need anymore shows to watch I'm also interested in seeing more of Grey's Anatomy and the new show Related.

See what I mean...I used to watch more mature shows such as West Wing and ER but somehow those have taken a backseat to the WB. I should start watching West Wing again.

Any other TV fans excited about any shows?


Jen said...

I am soooo ready for the new tv season. I love the shoe scrubs, but there is no real cliff hanger. It just makes me laugh. I like some of the same show you do, but I don't have a lot of time for them. DVR is the best invention ever though!

Wezie said...

Grey's Anatomy - definitely - I can only watch Desperate Housewives if the kids are tucked in (which means I only get the last 1/2 hour)...Boston Legal ("Denny Crane"), American Idol and any of the CSI's when I am available to watch them.

karen barker said...

gilmore girls - yay! do you think they will stretch out their engagement for the entire season
desperate housewives - love it
lost - so many cliffhangers!
veronica mars - a great teen show! you should check it out!
csi and without a trace - thursday tradition
scrubs and 2 1/2 men - make dan and i laugh really hard
grey's anatomy - always need a doctor show
boston legal - and a lawyer show
numb3rs - that math guy is hot!
as you can see, i watch way too much tv too!

Lindsey said...

Oh Ashley, the model show has to be my favorite. I'm also an OC fan, I just bought the second season, I haven't watched any of the second season until now. I'm dying to know what the cliffhanger is, I will probably finish watching it all by the end of the weekend.

Alison "Roomie Doo" said...

Nobody suggest ANY MORE shows for Miss Ashley to watch. She already watches too many! It's like... class... taped Oprah... class... taped Gilmore Girls... class... taped The OC... class... taped 50 more shows that I can't even remember their names.
She has got it bad... there must be an intervention. Who's with me!?!
Love you,
AG (Awkward "Hug" Girl)

P.S., did you see my art on the refrigerator? I made it in arts&crafts class before nap time.

Katherine said...

Hey Ashley! I stumbled upon your blog and just thought I would say hello! I LOVE Alias...which is somewhat bad because it now coincides with another of my favorite shows: The West Wing!!

Hope all is well-God bless! :)