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Monday, July 11, 2005

Pageant Mania

Last week we had family in town from Texarkana. It is my mom's brother's family...we don't see them very often. My youngest cousin, Rebecca, is Miss Teen Texarkana so they came here to compete in Miss Teen Texas. This was quite an experience. Now I have always loved watching pageants on TV but seeing it a little more first hand is a whole different thing. It was still very fun to watch but all the drama is crazy. So many of these girls make a career of pageanting. One of the girls in the Miss Texas pageant who is 24 now has been in a major pageant every year since she was 13 and many of the girls are like her! I can't even imagine. Quick funny story...in the "interview" round the questions were pretty dumb. One girls question was "what is your idea of a perfect day?" and she answered her idea of a perfect date...it reminded me of Miss Congeniality when she says her perfect date is like April 15th...not too hot not too cold!

I was extremely proud of my cousin though. This was her first year to do pageants and as Miss Teen Texarkana she placed in the top 10 in the Miss Teen Texas out of about 49 girls!! Yay Rebecca!


Lindsey said...

Oh how fun. I'm a huge fan of the pageants. Your cousin looks gorgeous in all the pics!