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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Crying (I never can come up with creative titles)

I mentioned this in my little "about me" section but I'm not sure anyone would take the time to even read that novel I wrote. However, it was reinforced to me yesterday how true it is...I am very much a crier. When I was younger I made fun of my mom all the time for crying at silly things like movies or just happy moments in life...now I think I'm even worse than my mom. I cry a lot. Yesterday, I was watching a recorded Oprah (and Oprah is always one of the worst at making me cry!) and it was one of her Wildest Dreams Come True episodes. One of the stories was about a single mom of nine (3 were hers and she took in 6 of her brother's kids so they wouldn't have to be split up in foster care). Anyone who knew this woman at her job at Starbucks loved her for her sparkling personality. Her family of 10 was living in a run-down 3 bedroom, 1 bath apartment. So Oprah gave her kids a shopping spree at Toys R Us and then gave them all new furniture and appliances and Nate the decorator...and bought them a house!! I was bawling by the end of the story. I'm sitting alone in my den just crying...so happy for this woman and her kids.

One day I was on the treadmill at the rec center watching Oprah and it was about these obese people who had lost hundreds of pounds. I am walking on the treadmill in the middle of all the people at the gym...losing it. Tears are like streaming down my face...I just know everyone is wondering what is wrong with this girl but hopefully they realized Oprah was on my little TV on my treadmill and could understand. Apparently people losing weight is emotional for me because Alison and I were watching MTV True Life at Fat Camp the other day and we were both teary about this guy who had lost like 40 pounds!

Don't even get me started on the Olympics...almost everytime the national anthem plays when we when a gold medal I cry. I love those profile stories that tell of the hard journey and trials an athlete has gone through to get to the Olympics that most people probably fast forward through... I get teary at most everyone. I don't know what it is about the Olympics but just something about the spirit of them that gets to me.

These may seem like pretty normal things to cry about but I've even cried during Survivor one season when some of the cast aways were reunited with family members brought to the island. I can't even begin to list all the truly silly things I have cried over. I guess I'm just an emotional person because I can laugh harder and louder than anyone but boy can I cry too.

To sum all this up you definitely don't want to be sitting by me to watch The Notebook or Beaches.


Lindsey said...

Oh Ashley, I'm right there with you. Titanic and Life is Beautiful are the two movies that I actually cry in, not tears, but crying. The whole boo-hooing. Extreme Makeover Home Edition and Oprah are VERY guilty of making the tears stream down my face. There have also been a few happy commericals that cause the tears.

THE most retarded movie that I ever cried in, which I still kind of get that feeling in my throat that I'm trying to hold it back when I see it today, is Home Alone. Man, when Kevin is on the bed looking at his family picture, and finally missing his family, I start to cry. It's so sad. I can't imagine being an 8 year old left at home all by myself and feeling like no one cared about me.

Joanie said...

well don't get me started on The Price Is Right...winning a washer/dryer combo does me in!!!!

Jen said...

Gulity--I am a crier.

SubBlogger said...

Ashley-You are too sweet. Have you ever felt tears fill up your eyes, but been in a very public place and try to suck them back into your sockets. This seldom works. Also, there is an incredible release from a huge cry, you feel better inside, although your face may be puffy.

Kimberly said...

No Way!!!! I never watch Oprah and I actually saw that Wildest Dreams come True thing the other day, and I cried! I don't ever cry when I watch TV or movies (partially because I don't like watching anything sad), so it was a huge thing for me to cry ( during that Oprah and Big Fat Liar).

Jennifer Meachem said...

i cried and cried when oprah gave that lady and all those kids those toys. i kept thinking to myself, where is she gonna put them? then she gave them the house, it made me love oprah. i bawled, mckenna was like, what's going on? what's happening? i told her and she got a little teary eyed, too.
i cannot even watch extreme makeover without bawling at some point! my kids are always, mom are you crying??? i even go in the bathroom and try to get it together. doesn't work because as you two will know one day, mom's don't get to go to the bathroom by themselves.
the movie life, with michael keaton... need i say anything more?

also, i cried too! in home alone during that same scene you mentioned lindsey!