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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Coffee Talk

One of my favorite things to do is to go sit outside at Starbucks and read. Read for fun, not for school. It is just such a great atmosphere. Yes I know there are plenty of better coffee houses the ultimate chain of Starbucks but it is the most convenient for me with outside seating. I wish Ft. Worth had more hole in the wall coffee houses. I like to go either on my own or with a friend. Alison (who still has not guest blogged on here as she promised) and I both love the Starbucks ritual. Whenever we are being unproductive (which can be often) and just want to go read or chat we usually head to Starbucks. We went last night and the weather was perfect...surprisingly cool. As I'm reading (and now listening to my new iPod) I also love to people watch. I probably watch and listen to their conversations far more than I should or is polite. I love trying to figure out what people's stories are, who they are their with, what they are doing, etc. Sometimes people just start random conversations with you which is fun. Alison briefly talked with 3 Italian men last night because she is taking Italian. She is better and starting conversations with strangers than I am. I could probably do a whole series on my blog about the people I see at Starbucks. I hate it when I am too busy to get my Starbucks fix.


Joanie said...

I'm with you on that eavesdropping thing. I love to try to figure out what's going on in people's lives. We had a good one the other night - the guy was saying things like "I guess I should have called the cops first, but I just wanted my stuff back", "Now I'm going to lose MY job", "What am I going to do?", "The judge won't listen to my side" - and other tasty treats like that. This guy was not a happy camper. I think he was at dinner with his parents, but my back was to him and I never got it completely figured out. Sometimes you end up hearing more than you want to hear.

Lindsey said...

ooh I'm so the same way. If you read in my earlier days of blogging, I have a post all about the "regulars" that I see at Java City, a local coffee shop. I do the same thing, I totally wonder about the people and what they're doing.

Joanie said...

Hey Ash,

Did you know that is a Starbuck's being built by the Wendy's at I-20 and Trail Lake? Just found that out today and thought of you. It'll be nice to have something nice and trendy on that corner for a change! Figured it was on the route between your house/school and your mom's. How conveeeeeeeeeenient!

Danny Sims said...

Coffee houses... Italian men... Are you sure you are in Fort Worth?!

Joanie said...

where were y'all today?

i missed you!

blake even had a special message for you!!!!

Emily said...

I always look at people and wonder what they looked like when they were babies. I know, its weird, but its so interesting how people grow up. I especially think that when I see weird people (aka - most Starbucks employees!) because everyone is normal as a baby.

I don't mind Starbucks ever, but if you're looking for a hole-in-the wall, try Four Star Coffee Bar on 7th street close to Montgomery. No outdoor seating, but its fun.

SubBlogger said...

A Starbucks There! Oh My Gosh! on little ole' Trail Lake! I'll have to leave 5 mins. earlier to work afore much longer... yeppers. Tasso (sp?)lemonade tea is good in the afternoon too. I will be broke, no, no I won't, I will allow myself one coffee a week on the way to work, does that sound level headed??

Wezie said...

I was taught the fine art of people watching by my mom. Hulen Mall used to have a small food court downstairs in the middle (before the Dillard's corridor was added). We would get Chick File'(sp?) and watch everyone pass by. To this day I love to watch people and make up stories about them. I love to eavesdrop too. It's fun to get a slice of other people's lives. Sometimes I find myself looking out my front window at home checking out the neighbors and Gladys Kravitz from "Bewithched" comes to mind.