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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Put your mind to it, Go for it, Get down and break a sweat

I have started working out more since I came to college....probably because I am spoiled with TCU's really nice rec center so I actually somewhat enjoy working out now. At first when I started going to the rec I felt so self-conscious. I felt like everyone would be able to tell right away that I don't really know what I am doing, especially down in the weight room doing the weight machines. For those that haven't been to the TCU rec center the weight room is pretty big so its not like I'm surrounded by people when I work out but I still felt like everyone would be watching me if I wasn't exactly sure how to adjust the seat or needed to lower the weight amount. So the way I made myself feel less self-conscious (other than becoming more confident in my work out abilities) was by telling myself that no one is watching me, they are too absorbed into their own workout to care what I am doing. However, I have realized that my theory may not be entirely accurate because I contradict my own theory. I watch people. I don't mean to but I'm just a people watcher. Its hard not to watch the girl who is pedaling so fast on the elliptical that you think she is going to pass out...oh wait that's all the girls at TCU. I notice the guys that are in there trying to lift more weight than they can handle. Sure I notice them because they are grunting and groaning loudly trying to push or pull the massive weight amount...now I know that these guys are trying to build muscle whereas I'm just trying to get fit so they workout differently than me but I always think-seriously guys if it is as difficult as your groaning makes it sounds maybe knock the weights down a knotch or two. I watched as a cute couple was running the indoor track together but then the girlfriend gets so winded that the boyfriend has to come back for her and walk a lap with her. If I had a boyfriend I would never run with him for that reason. I sure hope people don't watch me as much as I watch them.

On another working out sidenote--Alison and I played racquetball yesterday. We always go to the last racquetball court so that no one can see us play because we are not good. We do not play by the rules either. I almost hit Alison in the head with my racquet twice. She hit the ball directly at me at least 3 times. We spend the majority of the time "clam digging" as Alison calls it. However, I think how much we laugh at ourselves works out our abs as much as the actual racquetball playing does so oh well. And Blaine (Alison's boyfriend) wonders why we never let him come play with us!

Bonus points if you know what TV show my title is from.


Lindsey said...

Saved by the Bell, THE episode. Out of ALL episodes of Saved by the Bell, this is the well known episode. "I'm SOOO excited!"

SubBlogger said...

I had a freaky picture of Richard Simmons in my head.