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Sunday, June 19, 2005

The Beatles & Funkytown

Tonight I went to Concert in the Gardens. The show tonight was a Beatles theme called the Classical Mystery Tour. It was such a great show. These four guys dressed like the Beatles and sang their songs accompanied by the Symphony Pops. It was neat because they sang a lot of The Beatles songs that weren't quite as well known as some. They did a really great job....and the fireworks at the end were awesome...they coordinated with the finale song of Live & Let Die. I hated having to miss this night of VBS but I'm sure it went wonderfully!!

Concert in the Gardens is one of my favorite things that Fort Worth does. My other favorites are Main Street Arts Festival and the Rodeo. Concert in the Gardens is just such a great atmosphere. I love getting to go have a picnic, talk with family & friends, listen to good music, and watch fireworks...such a great evening! I was thinking how I wish we still had drive in movies because I figure it would be kind of a similar atmosphere. I know there are still the occasional drive in movie theatres but I wish it was still a big deal like a used to be...I wonder why that trend faded away. Anyway though back to the Ft. Worth events that I love...since I was thinking about those I also thought about how much I love this city. It really is a neat place...just the right size for me where I can go somewhere and almost always see someone I know but where I don't know everyone. I saw Pat Green in an interview and he was saying how the pace of life is just kind of slower in Ft. Worth but it still is a big city...I love that. I mentioned the rodeo was one of my favorite events also that Ft. Worth does. I love our western heritage and how we are called Cowtown and that there are still plenty of cowboys here, and they especially come out during rodeo time. I love that we have a fun, safe downtown to go play in. I love that we have some of the best museums in the country and one of the best zoos. I love that TCU is here. I love going to the Stockyards or Billy Bobs. I love that chivalry isn't dead here and neither is friendliness. My cousins in California always say that people here tend to be so much more eager to be friendly and that guys do not hold doors in California typically, among other gentlemanly things. Don't get me wrong I love to travel and I'd even like to live somewhere else (at least for a short while) but Ft. Worth is definitely a great place to call home.

I know this post was kind of a jumble of thoughts but that's me. And I'm signing off like Lindsey tonight...

Come Together is my favorite Beatles song,


Jennifer Meachem said...

the kids and i were going into a restaurant recently and the man in front of us did not hold the door for us. in fact, it fell quickly closed and almost his mckenna. i broke one of my flimsy nails trying to catch it. mckenna, my bold one, says loudly, "that sure was rude, he must not be from texas"!

Jennifer Meachem said...

p.s. let's have a drive in movie night!

Kimberly said...

Have you ever been to Shakespeare in the Park? It is a great Fort Worth event that sounds similar to the Concerts in the Gardens. I have always wanted to go to a Concert in the Garden. I'm glad to hear it's good. Go Fort Worth!

Ashley N said...

Kimberly--I've always wanted to go to Shakespeare in the Park but haven't yet...thanks for the suggestion!